Dinner with Dinosaurs

Our latest family workshop is premiering at Chelsea Physic Garden 17/08/17.

Use our garden map and dino profiles to hunt down the living fossils that these magnificent reptiles may have enjoyed for breakfast, elevenses, lunch and tea. Then create and take home your very own Mesozoic garden-terrarium!!

Latest ‘Nursery Management Today’ Article Published

This article outlines the numerous educational benefits of creating a garden with Early Years pupils. I hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for Studio Cultivate’s next submission…



Nursery Management Today Articles

We’re delighted to announce that Studio Cultivate will be contributing articles to the May/June and July/August issues of the excellent Nursery Management Today magazine. Each article will outline some of our methods of enthusing Early Years pupils in the world of gardens. Stay tuned for more info….. sc

Unwoven Histories // Silk at Chelsea Physic Garden.

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Studio Cultivate will be returning to the Chelsea Physic Garden in 2017 for a series of workshops focusing on the fascinating world of silk.


Studio Cultivate will utilise the beautiful garden to create a unique Silk-Road experience. The day’s exploration will chart silk’s origins from a humble worm and a Mulberry tree to its global spread through smuggling and espionage.

Workshops are aimed at ages 7+. Stay tuned for dates and ticket availability.

Shakespeare Garden Project at Southwark Cathedral


We’re delighted to announce that Studio Cultivate will be running the Shakespeare Garden Project at Southwark Cathedral during July and August. Tickets available at here and here

‘Love-In-Idleness’ at Chelsea Physic Garden:

Here’s a nice photo of our latest Shakespeare Garden Project workshop. The ‘Love-In-Idleness’ workshop is inspired by Puck and Oberon’s use of a viola potion in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Maps at the ready! The hunt for ‘Love-In-Idlenss’ (Viola tricolor) begins.


Shakespeare Garden Project at Chelsea Physic Garden

We’re delighted to announce that Studio Cultivate will be running a number of workshops at the Chelsea Physic Garden throughout 2016.

Each workshop (aimed at ages 7+) will be an entertaining investigation of Shakespeare’s use of plants in creating potions and poisons.

Shakespearean text, the beautiful Physic Garden and glorious plants will be explored on each occasion.

Come and join us- tickets available here


Nursery Management Today – ‘Great Outdoors’

Here’s Studio Cultivate’s contribution to Nov-Dec 2015’s issue of Nursery Management Today.  Within we describe some of our approaches to building enthusiasm amongst Early Years pupils for the worlds of gardening and the outdoors.

Thanks for having us NMT!

NMT Great Outdoors


Laura Henry Consultancy – ‘Little Green Fingers’

Here’s Studio Cultivate’s contribution to Laura Henry’s excellent Early Years Education website. In it we explain a little of what we get up to in our Kindergarden nursery scheme.