Studio Cultivate aims to educate pupils of all ages in the importance of plants and to help create attachment and ownership of outdoor spaces.

Through practical, outdoor lessons pupils discover how to grow and nurture plants and in doing so create vibrant and productive gardens.

We are currently running Kindergarden at numerous schools and nurseries across London. We offer one off and weekly workshops. All lessons are tied closely to Early Years and Key Stage 1+2 curriculums and include lesson reports documenting the lesson’s content.

Studio Cultivate believe strongly in the integration of other subjects into horticulture and combine gardening lessons with the worlds of literature, drama and art.





“Thank you so much for teaching Alex about gardening. We were looking at the flowers in the garden this morning, and he asked me what the bees ate. I suggested maybe pollen, and he told me also nectar and that they make honey. We bought some green bean and carrot seeds and planted them this afternoon. He told me again all about the things you’ve taught him, like sleeping seeds and wanted to take charge of the planting.”  Diane Warby, East London